A Beautiful Wedding

It was a beautiful late Summer day in Virginia Beach. It started slowly, with people from the wedding party arriving one at a time. As members of the bridal party started prepping things for hair and makeup, and of course the dress, the groomsmen were suiting up and watching YouTube tutorial videos on how to do a proper bow tie. Others were getting ready to help with other necessities, like photography, audio and lighting for the nave. There was a low grade crackle of energy in the air, an anticipation for things to come.

  It was clear that both wedding parties cared about the happy couple very much. These were friends and family, taking their supporting roles seriously, working hard to ensure a smooth day for the stars of the show, the bride and groom. Several verbal run-throughs of the sequence of events were called for. Everyone wanted the day to be perfect. The love and support was plainly visible.

Things escalated when Family began to arrive, nearer to the start time of the ceremony. It was an emotional time. Some family members traveled exceptionally far in order to be there.

PreWedding (44)

There was an exchanging of vows and rings, then a lighting of candles. A series of interconnected metaphors for the beautiful and eternal love shared by these two unique people. It was all presided over by an able priest to the rapt attention of a full congregation.

There was a flurry of excitement and cheering as the ceremony came to a close and the couple was declared ‘Man and Wife.’ Everyone crowded to the front to get in an assortment of group pictures. Everyone was overjoyed!

Ceremony (29)

Next the entire wedding party absconded off to the reception, which was held at a Hilton right on the beach. While everyone took their places at the reception tables, the newly weds stopped to pose for a few formal pictures.

Reception (102)

The reception involved food and speeches, laughter and a few tears. There was cake. Everyone was eager to wish the newly weds well. But the highlight was undeniably the First Dance. The couple’s dance was beautiful and elegant. Soon everyone was on the dance floor and a proper party started off.

To end the night, the wedding party went out for a few pictures on the beach. This all took place while hurricane Florence was bearing down on the East Coast. While the worst of it missed Virginia, for a time it seemed like the wedding might have been called off, and so it was with an air of defiance and celebration that the party greeted Florence.

People stayed around to dance and celebrate well into the night. It was an amazing end to a fantastic day that everyone involved would remember fondly for a long time to come, all centered around the love of two amazing people who found each other in this crazy world.

Reception (122)

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