Virginia Autumn

As a photographer, you tend to get around. Between trying to meet the clients specific needs and inserting a little creativity into your work, you never quite do the same shot twice.

I recently did a round of holiday cards for some people in my area, which I am extremely fortunate to say is Virginia in the Fall. We met at the Noland Trail to hike in, just a little, and get some shots amidst the unbelievable beauty of Virginia’s Fall foliage. Right from the beginning, I knew it would produce some of my best work. Here’s a view of the bridge on the way to the starting point near the Mariner’s Museum:


In the interest of privacy, I won’t share any of the family portraits I took for my clients, but you can believe me when I say they turned out really fantastically. To give you an idea of how idyllic the location was, here is a shot of some of us hiking up towards the spots I’d scoped out for the mini-shoot:


And here is another of us immersing into nature, also on the way:

Here is a shot of the bridge you can see in the center of the very first photo:

Here’s one of some wildlife that happened by:


I’ll leave you with a few final foliage shots. I should probably tie this back to the original theme of working creatively with your surroundings, but really I just wanted to show off how gorgeous my state is. By all means, please send some of your best shots of the beautiful world around you to me at I love it when people engage. After all, we all love good photography. Speaking of:

Cheers, everyone!

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